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Question: Do you accept insurance?
Answer: See Me Mommy 4D is an elective ultrasound studio. We do not offer diagnostic ultrasounds, nor are we a medical facility, therefore we cannot accept insurance.

Question: How early can you determine my baby’s gender?

Answer: 15 weeks

Question: How many weeks should I be for 3D/4D?

Answer: We suggest booking between 25-35 weeks.

Question: What’s the difference between 3D/4D and 5D?

Answer: 3D/4D has an orange tint, while 5D has more of a pinkish skin tone look, creating a more realistic look inside of the womb.

Question: How many guests can accompany me for my session?

Answer: We can accommodate Mom plus 5 guests, children included.

Question: Are there any COVID restrictions?
Answer: Masks are optional, but highly recommended. 

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